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Don't overthink this!

Updated: May 8, 2020

It seems like a lot of work to make a family photo shoot happen, right? Well I would love to have you think about how fun and easy it should be. Don't overthink it! Don't worry about the perfect outfits, freshly cut hair or sun kissed skin. The kids grow up so fast, and we can't go back and capture how little they were or the fact that your oldest is heading off to college this Fall. Taking the time to document these moments now, allows us to reflect upon them in the future. In the future all we have are the memories and the photographs that allow us to revisit that time.

Don't get me wrong, plaid and floral are tough to coordinate and should be avoided, so you do need to do some planning. Just don't over plan! If your family is always in jeans and sweaters, don't pull out the pencil skirts and bow ties for your family to wear the day we meet. It's important your images capture who you are and what you're about. Start with one outfit and coordinate the pieces around that. If you select a pattern, find colors within that to pull your attire together. Make sure clothing fits well and won't need lots of adjusting during the session. Consider the space you will display your images and use colors that coordinate or compliment that color scheme. When images look purposeful in a room they are enjoyed more!

If you would like wall art for your home we can talk about design and layout possibilities before our session so your images look cohesive in the room. If you are thinking one large piece over the fireplace I will focus more on horizontal shots. A gallery up the staircase, I will get tons of variety so we can build the perfect wall. I love to help select a location for your shoot based on your goals and style. If you are looking for lush greenery or urban landscape we can find the right location to capture some amazing images!

Now that you are excited to do this, here are a few color-ways that are worth considering for our session!

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