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Free your Photos!

There may be several reasons you booked your photo session, one of them was not to lock them in a folder on your computer never to be seen again!

There are so many things you can do with your images, its actually endless! I want to share one way I decided to incorporate a sessions in my home. I chose to build a collection in our kitchen, a space we gather in daily. I designed the gallery to mimic the shape and size of the table. This gives balance and makes it comfortable to view. I used the rug under in the room to chose the girls outfits, and bought throw pillows tie tie it all together. When your art feels purposeful and cohesive you tend to love it even more!

I love my room, and I'm here to help you design something that you will love in your space! it might be a gallery in your hallway or a fun black & white playful collection for your family room or basement. It might be simple, framed images to go in your bookcase. It's not what you do, it's just that you do it! Set your images free and enjoy them!

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